Polish dairy market at week 7th/2018


Last week brought again an increase of prices for the majority of dairy products. Prices for butter in blocks are still growing, currently this product can be bought at 20.50 PLN / kg. Price for gouda cheese has increased also: currently it is at the level of 11.20 PLN / kg, regarding liquid products growing trend concerns the metering cream, its price reaches PLN 0.23 per liter. When it comes to mass products: a large amount of skimmed milk powder in warehouses of the European Union causes further price stagnation, now you can buy this product at 5.8  PLN / kg. However, whole milk powder is more expensive, the current price is 11 PLN / kg. Compared to the previous year, the price of whey powder  is still low. However, the lack of whey supply causes an increase in prices that can currently be bought at 2.80 PLN / kg.

Large milk supply results in low prices; especially skimmed milk, which is at the level of 0.37 PLN /per liter and this is a slight decrease since the last quotations. However, the price of full milk reached a growth, currently you can buy this product at PLN 0.23 per liter.

Price increases are expected for about two weeks, especially for high-fat products.


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