GDT EVENT 206/20.02.2018


206 session at GDT brought a breakthrough in the dairy product’s quotation. First time this year there was a decline. After a large increase in the previous session, a prices correction was to be expected. This drop is not huge, cause the index fell by only 0.5%, but the growth has been stopped. The biggest drop was recorded on Skimmed Milk Powder by 3%, the average price was 1832 USD / MT. A large decrease was recorded at AMF by 1.9% to 6458 USD / MT level. The fall in prices also affected cheddar cheese by 1.3% to 3686 USD / MT. Futhermore, there were only few people willing to buy cheese. No one offered buttermilk powder and lactose haven’t found purchasers.

The largest increase was noted in butter by 1.1%. The price raised up to 5334 USD / MT, but it is much lower than the prices expected in Poland. The growth was recorded on casein by 0.7% to 4980 USD / MT and in Full cream milk powder by 0.3% to 3246 USD / MT. The current session took place during the „Goolfood expo” , where many purchasers from GDT took part in it. The prices of dairy products have always increased significantly during the fair, while this year the growth is minimal.
The 206 session gathered only 152 buyers, of which 114 made purchases. The session had 14 rounds and took more than two hours. 20 256 tons of products listed on GDT were sold in total.

Last week brought again increase of prices for the majority of dairy products. Prices for butter in blocks are still growing, currently this product can be bought at 20.50 PLN / kg. Price for gouda cheese has increased also: currently it is at the level of PLN 11.20 / kg, regarding liquid products growing trend concerns the metering cream, its price reaches PLN 0.23 per liter. When it comes to mass products: a large amount of skimmed milk powder in warehouses of the European Union causes further price stagnation, now you can buy this product at 5.8  / kg. However, whole milk powder is more expensive, the current price is 11 PLN / kg. Compared to the previous year, the price of whey powder  is still low. However, the lack of whey supply causes an increase in prices that can currently be bought at 2.80 PLN / kg.

Large milk supply results in low prices; especially skimmed milk, which is at the level of PLN 0.37 per liter and this is a slight decrease since the last quotations. However, the price of full milk reached a growth, currently you can buy this product at PLN 0.23 per liter.

Price increases are expected for about two weeks, especially for high-fat products.

GDT EVENT 204/16.01.2018


204th session on GDT was the first session in 2018 where we had such big price increase. This session ended with a price index growth of+ 4.9%. The prices of all products increased, and the highest level of growth was recorded for butter, which price reached the value of 4897 USD / MT and this is an increase of 8.8%. A very large increase was also recorded on skimmed milk powder by 6.5% to 1818 USD / MT. Casein was also very popular, the price of which increased by 5.5% to USD 4709 / MT. Above a 5% increase was still noted: cheddar cheese by 5.2% to the level of 3486 USD / MT, Full Milk Powder – increase by 5.1% to the level of 3010 USD / MT. The smallest increase was noted for AMF, which price increased by 2.2% to 6547 USD / MT. Little interest was lactose, and buttermilk powder was not offered for sale.
204 sessions gathered 200 buyers, of which 129 made purchases. The session took 14 rounds and lasted over two hours. A total of 23 319 tonnes of products listed on GDT were sold.

GDT EVENT 203/02.01.2018


203rd GDT session was the first one of 2018.

Despite its rating was just after the Christmas time , the sale level was satisfying as for this period, with 25400 tonnes of products sold. Session has expired with the positive price index equal to 2,2%, apart from the downturns on 4 products. The lactose itself, was sold on the initial price. The product largest in volume – whole milk powder – noted the high increase in price equal to 4.2% and reached 2886USD/MT, it was also the most significant rise in price on this session as well. Furthermore, the price for skimmed milk powder has gone up to 1699USD/MT. Tiny bounce back was noted on butter, 0.6% up to 4501 USD/MT. The biggest drop was rated in buttermilk, which has fallen by 7.3% and has reached 1866USD/MT. What is more, cheddar cheese has had the dropping tendency for the couple of GDT sessions. During the 203rd, its price has declined by 2.1% and was 3317USD/MT. The slight downturns were noted also on casein by 1.1% – 4419USD/MT and on AMF by 0.2% – 6405USD/MT

203rd GDT session had 158 bidders, 112 of which actually made purchase. Session had 16 rounds and took more than 2 hours.

GDT EVENT 202/19.12.2017


The 202nd session on GDT was a session with next very large price drops of all products. The price index dropped by 3.9% to 2969 USD / MT. The biggest decrease was recorded on the cheddar cheese, by as much as 7.9% to the level of 3389 USD / MT. A large decrease was recorded in AMF by 6.7%. Its price reached 6392 USD / MT. A similar drop in prices was also recorded for casein – 6.3% drop to USD 4506 / MT. After the price increase on the previous session, the current price of Skimmed Milk powder dropped to the level of 1675 USD / MT. This is a 4.8% decrease. The smallest decrease was recorded by the product, the sales of which is the highest – Full Milk powder. Its prices fell by 2.5%. The price reached 2755 USD / MT. Buttermilk powder was not offered at this session, and lactose was sold by one seller at the initial price. This is the next session during which the supply of this product is greater than demand.
202 sessions attracted 167 buyers, 139 of whom made purchases. 29 592 tons of products were bought at this session.

Week 49 brought a drop in prices on the market. The gouda cheese prices fell the most, because of the trend that started in the Western Europe and continued in Poland. The gouda cheese index droped over 8%. Also, a very huge price correction took place on the product, which for a very long time maintained high price. Butter prices during the week fell by around 6.5% to EUR 4,200 / ton at the end of week 49. A further drop in prices is expected. In the first months of 2018, buyers expect the prices to drop below EUR 4,000. Also there has occured a decline in our market of skimmed milk powder, even though on GDT the last session brought an increasy by 4,7% of the Skimmed Milk Powder price. Meanwhile in Poland a decrease of about 3% has been noted. The low price of milk powder in the EU is caused by low prices from Germany, the Netherlands and France. There is already a downward trend, although we still have two weeks until the holidays, and the whole milk powder price has already dropped by about 4%. The skimmed milk also has a decreasing tendency, as it is possible to buy the product at around PLN 0.04 per liter. Only whey prices are stable. Until the end of the year, no price increases are expected. The milk supply in Poland is a high level of purchase greater than in 2016, so prices will reflect this situation.

GDT EVENT 200/22.11.2017


The 200th session of the GDT was the session where the newest seller – Polish Dairy – debuted. As rare as it occures to happen for the debut, the very first session was a success to the company with the first sales already.

This session was another downward session with a drop in the index by 3.4%. Index price dropped below $ 3,000. The largest decrease was recorded in casein by as much as 12.6%. Casein price reached $ 4644 / MT. Very high drop was observed on skimmed milk as its price is very fast approaching to 2015 prices, when prices of SMP dropped below $ 1500 / MT. The current price compared to the recent quotations has dropped by more than $ 100 and reached $ 1701 / MT. The drop has been noticed for butter index ( 5.9% )and the price, which has been quoted for $ 5144 / MT. Cheddar was quoted at $ 3831 / MT and was cheaper comparing to the last session’s by 4.2%. Also full cream milk powder has dropped by 2.7% and its price was 2778 $ / MT. There were no sales offers for buttermilk powder. Lactose was sold at prices quoted by sellers.
During this session, over 35 thousand tonnes of products were sold. It was attended by 160 buyers and 139 of them did they purchases. The session lasted almost 2 hours and consisted of 134 rounds.
It should be noted that there was very little interest in purchasing for 2017 and that almost all products except AMF were sold at prices lower than in session 199.

The prices of dairy products in week 46 are very stable. Butter prices are at a constant level of 5060 euro / ton for over 2 weeks. At the end of the week, the price of the cream has increased to 0.28 zł / unit of fat. Prices of milk powder is still at a very low level  of skimmed milk powder is 1480 euros / tonne and full milk powder is 2875 euros / tonne. The prices of cheese on Polish market has also decreased due to high supply of German cheeses for € 2500 / tonne, significantly lowering prices for Dutch cheeses below € 3,000 / tonne. As a result, reduced production of cheese increased the price of whey powder to 615 euros / tonne. In the past week prices of skimmed milk have fallen, the price reached PLN 0.52 per liter at the end of the week. The increase was recorded in full metered milk for which it was necessary to pay 0.30 PLN / unit and this product was the most demanded dairy product in the past week.

GDT EVENT 198/17.10.2017


The 198th session on GDT brought another drop in the index value by 1%. The biggest impact on the price index had the change of the price level of Whole Milk Powder since the biggest sales volume had occured for this product. During this session, Whole Milk Powder reduced its value by 0.5% to $ 3014 / MT. The biggest decline in prices was recorded for casein, which fell by 8.6% to $ 5612 / MT. The price of Skimmed Milk Powder dropped to a record low of $ 1797 / TM. This is the lowest price level in the last 12 months. From quotes for the coming months we can not see that this situation has improved, even the reverse quotes at the beginning of 2018 are even lower than today. This situation is related to the very large supply of Skimmed Milk Powder and large stock of this product. Once again, the price of butter fell 2.5% to $ 5736 / MT, while AMF prices increased 5.2% to $ 6841 / MT. Lactose prices were not published for the second time in a row. This means that there was a greater quantity put up for sale than the buyers demand and was sold at the seller’s starting price, but less than was offered. No buttermilk was offered in this session, cheddar prices slightly decreased to $ 4107 / MT.

The session was attended by 165 buyers from 544 registered on GDT, and 137 purchased 35 669 tonnes of products. 2571 tonnes of offered products have not been sold this session.

In the week 41 we recorded over 10% decrease in fat and fat products prices. Prices of butter decreased from 24,70 zł / kg to 21,50 zł / kg and week 42 will be the next week of decline. Butter price declines are a consequence of the drop in prices of cream, which price have fallen from the level of 0,295 zł / to 0,255 zł / unit of fat. Prices of almost all products have been lowered, except for raw skimmed milk which price is already very low and is 46 cents per liter. This is due to the very large reserves of skimmed-milk powder in EU warehouses. The situation for full raw milk was different, the price was reduced to the level of 0.292 PLN / unit, but the price of one liter of whole milk is still higher than the average price of one liter of milk in the purchase. The demand for whole milk powder is relatively high, but the price level of 13 PLN / kg has an effect on the fact that there are not many offers for sale. Last week after a long period of stagnation gouda prices brought down the price of this product. Gouda cheese could be bought at 3140 euros / tonne. The prices offered by Western dairies were about 4% lower. Further price reductions should be expected, as the increase in consumption does not cover the increase in the supply of milk in the market.

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