GDT EVENT 256/17.03.2020

The 256th session at GDT brought the general price index down 3.9% to USD 2980. The two products with the largest sales volume, i.e. whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder, recorded the largest decrease. The price of skimmed milk powder dropped by as much as 8.1% and amounted to 2527 USD / MT, while whole milk powder dropped by 4.2% and amounted to 2797 USD / MT. Other products recorded a rise in prices. The price of lactose recorded the highest increase by 4.9% to the level of 914 USD / MT. AMF recorded an increase of 1.0% to 4331 USD / MT. The price of butter was 4144 USD / MT - an increase of 0.3%. Similar to AMF, the price of casein also increased by 1.0% to 9987 USD / MT. The price of cheddar cheese was 4398 USD / MT - an increase of 2.6%. The 256th session gathered 165 buyers, of whom 116 made purchases. The session had 19 rounds and lasted over two hours. A total of 24 209 tonnes of products listed on GDT were sold. On 256 GDT listings, 524 buyers from around the world were registered.


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