GDT EVENT 254/18.02.2020


The 254 session at GDT brought the general price index down 2.9% to USD 3176. The biggest drop was recorded by AMF by 5.5% to the level of 4379 USD / MT. On the other hand, the price of cheddar cheese recorded the highest increase by 5.3% to the level of 4526 USD / MT. The two products with the largest sales volume, i.e. whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder, fell by 2.6%. The price for skimmed milk powder was USD 2,840 / MT, while whole milk powder was USD 2,866 / MT. The price of butter was USD 4090 / MT – a decrease of 3.9%. Casein price also fell by 0.9% to USD 9873 / MT.

The 254 session gathered 175 buyers, of whom 138 made purchases. The session had 18 rounds and lasted over two hours. A total of 28 181 tonnes of products listed on GDT were sold. On 254 GDT listings, 528 buyers from around the world were registered.


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