GDT EVENT 235/07.05.2019


The current 235 session on GDT brought prices up, this time by 0.4%. During the session, 15.375 tons of products were sold. The largest increase in prices by 3.1% to 6610 USD / MT was recorded by casein. Skimmed milk powder also increased by 2.8% to 2521 USD / MT. The last product which recorded an increase of 1.4% was AMF, its price amounted to 6217 USD / MT. The price of butter remained unchanged, 5486 USD / MT. However, Sweet whey powder again did not find buyers. Full powdered milk has dropped by 0.5% to 3249 USD / MT and as before the product has found the most buyers. The next product, the price of which recorded a very large drop of 10.3% is buttermilk powder, its price was 3242 USD / MT. The price of lactose also dropped by 2.7% and was sold at the session at the price of 887 USD / MT. Lactose similarly to powdered buttermilk was the smallest among buyers. The last product, the price of which dropped by 2.4% and amounted to 4217 USD / MT was cheddar cheese. The 235 session gathered only 179 buyers, of which only 105 made purchases. The session had 14 rounds and lasted just over two hours.


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