GDT EVENT 200/22.11.2017


The 200th session of the GDT was the session where the newest seller – Polish Dairy – debuted. As rare as it occures to happen for the debut, the very first session was a success to the company with the first sales already.

This session was another downward session with a drop in the index by 3.4%. Index price dropped below $ 3,000. The largest decrease was recorded in casein by as much as 12.6%. Casein price reached $ 4644 / MT. Very high drop was observed on skimmed milk as its price is very fast approaching to 2015 prices, when prices of SMP dropped below $ 1500 / MT. The current price compared to the recent quotations has dropped by more than $ 100 and reached $ 1701 / MT. The drop has been noticed for butter index ( 5.9% )and the price, which has been quoted for $ 5144 / MT. Cheddar was quoted at $ 3831 / MT and was cheaper comparing to the last session’s by 4.2%. Also full cream milk powder has dropped by 2.7% and its price was 2778 $ / MT. There were no sales offers for buttermilk powder. Lactose was sold at prices quoted by sellers.
During this session, over 35 thousand tonnes of products were sold. It was attended by 160 buyers and 139 of them did they purchases. The session lasted almost 2 hours and consisted of 134 rounds.
It should be noted that there was very little interest in purchasing for 2017 and that almost all products except AMF were sold at prices lower than in session 199.


Polish Dairy sp. z o.o.
ul. Belwederska 9a
00-761 Warsaw, Poland

Registration data

NIP: 5223054886
REGON: 363776506
KRS: 0000603574


Tel.: (+48) 730 731 563