Dairy products prices – week 49


Week 49 brought a drop in prices on the market. The gouda cheese prices fell the most, because of the trend that started in the Western Europe and continued in Poland. The gouda cheese index droped over 8%. Also, a very huge price correction took place on the product, which for a very long time maintained high price. Butter prices during the week fell by around 6.5% to EUR 4,200 / ton at the end of week 49. A further drop in prices is expected. In the first months of 2018, buyers expect the prices to drop below EUR 4,000. Also there has occured a decline in our market of skimmed milk powder, even though on GDT the last session brought an increasy by 4,7% of the Skimmed Milk Powder price. Meanwhile in Poland a decrease of about 3% has been noted. The low price of milk powder in the EU is caused by low prices from Germany, the Netherlands and France. There is already a downward trend, although we still have two weeks until the holidays, and the whole milk powder price has already dropped by about 4%. The skimmed milk also has a decreasing tendency, as it is possible to buy the product at around PLN 0.04 per liter. Only whey prices are stable. Until the end of the year, no price increases are expected. The milk supply in Poland is a high level of purchase greater than in 2016, so prices will reflect this situation.


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